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For Honor adds Halloween-themed game mode and loot

Published: 10:21, 19 October 2019
artwork showing a wolf from for honor's halloween event
For Honor's Halloween event is now live

Annual Halloween event in Ubisoft's melee action title For Honor is now live and it brings a new game mode, spooky Halloween-themed loot and more. It runs until 04 November 2019.

Halloween is almost upon us and many live service games are celebrating it with its own special, Halloween-themed event. Ubisoft's melee action title For Honor is also joining the celebrations just like every year and this time, the special event is named Fangs of the Otherworld and it brings new spooky content.

Fangs of the Otherworld is available for free to all players and it features new game mode, Halloween-themed loot and more ghastly goods. The event is live now on all platforms and it will run until 01 November 2019, so you have plenty of time to jump right in and try For Honor's scariest event of the year.

The new mode, Spooky Slashers, is a variation of Dominion mode. Players have to capture zones to gain special boosts, which they can use to slay the frightening demons lurking throughout the map. Also, players will need to keep their wits about them, as danger lurks around every corner, and dying means losing any boosts. 

As for the Halloween-themed loot, there are random drops at the end of all matches until the event ends. Loot includes Battle Outfits, special and terrifying effects and haunting weapons. On top of this, players can purchase "yikes-inducing executions and jack-o’-lantern inspired effects".

Ubisoft For Honor screenshot showing Halloween-themed loot For Honor - Halloween-themed loot

The Apotropaic outfit, as well as two new outfits,  are available for all Heroes and you can unlock all event-themed loot for each Hero by purchasing their corresponding Fangs of the Otherworld item bundle until 04 November 2019.

You can see all these items and spooky effects in the trailer above, which has a nice old school vibe with VHS tape artefact effects.

For Honor is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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