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Fnatic Rekkles benched for upcoming LCS matches due to the meta

Published: 16:10, 22 June 2018
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Fnatic's star player Rekkles will apparently not be in the roster for the upcoming EU LCS matches as the team director Joey "YoungBuck" Steltenpool announced Bwipo will be the starting "ADC" due to strategic reasons in the latest meta.

Rekkles' absence was first announced on , but some fans were still sceptic about the information's integrity, prompting from other professional players. Any doubts were soon waved away though, as confirmed the information to be true.

As YoungBuck pointed out, the substitution was not due to Rekkles underperforming or internal team problems but rather due to what is likely the weirdest meta in the history of professional League of Legends play. As it stands, games are pretty much won in the draft pick phase as better picks just about make individual skill irrelevant.

Bottom lane meta has also seen a huge shift lately, with AD carries being picked less as time goes by. Picks like Swain, Vladimir and Renekton have become increasingly popular pick instead of an actual marksman. Rekkles' signature champion Tristana is in a rather right now as well, but on the bright side, we got to see Heimerdinger picked in professional leagues.

It appears Fnatic will lean heavily into this meta shift during the upcoming matches as Bwipo is normally a top laner, so Swain and Renekton bans or picks on bot lane are to be expected. Fnatic will be playing against H2k and Vitality during this weekend, after the first week's start with one win and one loss.

Europe is not the only region and Fnatic is not the only team affected by this meta shift, as other star players such as Faker no longer get to pick champions that rely on mechanics and therefore produce exhilarating moments. 

Riot Games When was the last time someone saw a Vayne in a pro game?

Team Roccat's bot laner HeaQ also recently that the current meta doesn't allow mechanically gifted players such as Rekkles, Faker, Bang and Uzi to pick champions that allow them to show their skill and potential, but instead have to go for highly unentertaining picks such as Janna and Taric.

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