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Five maps DICE need to remake for Battlefield 6

Published: 09:35, 03 March 2021
Battlefield 3 screenshot showing Caspian Border loading screen
Battlefield 3 - Caspian Border is one of the greatest maps of all time

Battlefield 6 is likely to be set in the modern-day era which means DICE may decide to bring some fan-favourite maps from previous games that were set in the same time period. Here are five picks they should consider.

Battlefield 6 reveal is just around the corner and if the rumours and industry insiders are right, the game should return to the most popular and heavily requested setting - the modern-day. Previous Battlefield games that were set in modern times had some of the best maps in the history of the franchise so it's entirely possible that DICE plan to bring these maps back just like they did with Battlefield 4's Second Assault DLC.

Being big fans of the Battlefield series ourselves, we have made a shortlist of five iconic Battlefield maps that should return in Battlefield 6, at least in form of a post-launch update if not from day one. 

STRIKE AT KARKAND (Battlefield 3)

YouTube Battlefield 3 screenshot showing Strike at Karkand Battlefield 3 - Strike at Karkand

This is a remake of the original Karkand map from Battlefield 2, which is one of the most iconic maps of all time in the series. It emphasises infantry and tank combat and since it's set in an urban area, the next-gen levolution possibilities would be endless. Just, get rid of that sandstorm, please. 

ZAVOD 311 (Battlefield 4)

Pinterest Battlefield 4 screenshot showing Zavod 311 Battlefield 4 - Zavod 311

One of the most popular Battlefield 4 maps. It's not your biggest Battlefield map but in our honest opinion, its size and design are just perfect for beloved game modes like Rush. Zavod is set in a Cold War-era Soviet tank facility and features plenty of forest area around it. There's also a night version of the map named Zavod: Graveyard Shift, released in Night Operations DLC.

ISLA INOCENTES (Battlefield Bad Company 2)

Twitter Battlefield Bad Company 2 screenshot showing Isla Inocentes Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Isla Inocentes

Any hardcore Battlefield fans that feel nostalgic looking at this screenshot above? We certainly do and while a lot of newer Battlefield players have never even heard of this one, those who played Battlefield back in the day will appreciate the inclusion of this gorgeous map set along the coast of Chile with stunning mountains surrounding it. If DICE were to include the map in Battlefield 6, a major rework would be necessary since its design is perhaps a bit simple for modern multiplayer military shooters. 

GULF OF OMAN (Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4)

Wiki Fandom Battlefield 3 screenshot showing Gulf of Oman map Battlefield 3 - Gulf of Oman

Hands down, one of the greatest maps of in the history of the franchise must be included in Battlefield 6 if DICE plan to bring back old maps. Gulf of Oman already appeared in several Battlefield games and that's really telling - players just adore the map. Simply, Gulf of Oman will forever stay in the hearts of Battlefield fans.

CASPIAN BORDER (Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4)

Fandom Battlefield screenshot showing Caspian Border Battlefield - Caspian Border

If someone asked you what is Battlefield all about, your answer would probably be gigantic maps, vehicles, jets, helicopters and infantry battling in all-out warfare. Caspian Border is one of the maps that packs all of that and perfectly illustrates the scope of Battlefield multiplayer. Therefore, this is one of the prime candidates for a remake, which is rumoured to be bigger than ever before. 

Personal pick:

HANGAR 21 (Battlefield 4)

Steam Battlefield 4 screenshot showing Hangar 21 Battlefield 4 - Hangar 21

Hangar 21 is a map from Battlefield 4's DLC Final Stand. It's set in a snow-covered mountain in Siberia where United States Marine Corps take on Russian Ground Forces. It's a night map built around a large hangar, hence the name. And while Hangar 21 doesn't emphasise vehicular or air combat as some other large Battlefield 4 maps, its infantry-based design and iconic Launch Pods give it a unique twist.

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