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Fallout 76 nuke launch codes, week of 19 November 2019

Published: 11:12, 21 November 2019
picture showing three nukes explosion in Fallout 76
Triple nuke blast

Bethesda's latest nuke launch code update was closely followed by a patch that didn't contain some fixes often requested by the community. It appears they were slated for release with Wastelanders but they might come sooner.

Fallout 76 nuclear launch codes for the week going from 19 to 26 November 2019 are as follows:

  • Alpha: 45721821 
  • Bravo: 51798126 
  • Charlie: 05491289 

Be mindful of putting items in the Scrapbox following the latest update as it can now be destroyed and has the same amount of health points as a regular stash. The Scrapbox has had several other changes aimed at clarifying confusing situations such as removal of unnecessary sorting options and greying out the "Scrap and Store" option for non-subscribing players. This also applies to subscribers in case there are no scrapable items in their inventory.

The contain a plethora of bug fixes but there were two bugs that players are particularly annoyed with and they are not in the list of fixed issues. The first one is the 250 Damage Resistance (DR) bug that deactivates prefixes on weapons, rendering some mods obsolete while the other one refers to feral ghouls that keep attacking players even while they are lying on the ground.

Bethesda's community manager responded to both of these requests on the Reddit thread, with an identical answer. These fixes were meant to be released with Wastelanders update but since the demand for them is high, the team will attempt to push the fixes in a December update. 

Fallout 76: Wastelanders

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

Mind the exact words used, the CM did not promise the fixes will be 100 per cent implemented as the devs will need for verify that the changes will not break something else first.

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