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Fallout 76 nuke codes, week of 3 December 2019

Published: 09:54, 11 December 2019
picture showing 4 players watching the nuke explosion in Fallout 76
Fallout 76 Nuke explosion

Fallout 76's nuke codes for the week of 3 December have been updated and decrypted. Some new items have been added to the in-game store and various returning items have been put on sale. This week's free article is the Cornflower Blue Wallpaper.

Fallout 76 nuke codes, week of .

Nuke launch codes starting on 3 December 2019 are as follows:

  • Alpha: 87811875 
  • Bravo: 52407824 
  • Charlie: 23769267

With the codes out of the way, let's move on to the Atomic Shop, its update 15, the available items and sales. The items are available in exchange for Atoms, regardless if they came from the in-game grind or your real-world 9-5 one.

This week's free item is, drumroll please, Cornflower Blue Wallpaper available until 10 December. The Shadow Prime Power Armor Paint will hang around the Shop for the entire week, priced at 700 Atoms. The paint can be applied to all types of Power Armor and will provide the same voice lines found when using its Liberty Prime equivalent.

The Scarecrow Outfit will be leaving the Shop next Tuesday, 10 December, so you still have time to reconsider your choice of Batman cosplay. If you choose to go with the deranged psychologist, the outfit will set you back 1.800 Atoms.

Fallout 76's returning items are up next. These include the Survivalist and the Revolutionary bundles which you can purchase as is or pick apart and take whatever tickles your irradiated fancy. 

The following items will be shooed back to the Vault at 12:00 pm ET (06:00 pm CET) on 10 December:

  • Free States Survivalist Bundle - 1.800 Atoms
  • Free States Revolutionary Bundle - 2.000 Atoms
  • Free States Survivalist Power Armor Paint - 1.200 Atoms
  • Free States Survivalist Jetpack - 700 Atoms
  • Free States Survivalist Outfit - 800 Atoms
  • Free States Green and Tan Backpacks - 500 Atoms
  • Free States Survivalist Pip-Boy Paint - 400 Atoms

Some of the items currently on sale (that will also cease to be available on 10 December) include the Cryptid Enthusiast Set - a must-have for those of you who like to run around chasing Bigfoot - is 20 per cent off and now costs 560 Atoms.

Other items include the Free State Generator Set, a Unicorn Wallpaper, some frames and a bunch of other stuff. Check out the full list of discounted items over at .

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