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Fallout 76 now allows sharing wardrobe with allies

Published: 18:11, 19 May 2020
Fallout 76 - Nukashine Power Armor Paint
Fallout 76 - Nukashine Power Armor Paint

Bethesda are allowing more control over allies in Fallout 76 as of May 19, 2020. Players will now be able to customise them but the patch also brings many other changes to keep things somewhat fresh.

Fallout 76 players will now be able to give their allies new looks by sharing wardrobe with them. This will be possible due to the new option to customise their outfits so they will not be stuck with their default clothes anymore. Considering previous Fallout games from Bethesda offered similar ability to share items with companions, many players will already be familiar with the system.

There are several other highlights of the latest patch though. For example, there is a new activity that will kick off on May 21, which will pit players against mole miners who discovered some sort of treasure in the Ash Heap. As per usual, there is no way of dealing peacefully with the humanoid rodents and you will need to exterminate them in order to claim the loot in the time-limited event.

Furthermore, the Fasnacht Parade is coming back. While not explicitly confirmed by Bethesda, their choice of words hints that the reason it's actually coming back is the fans' wish for it to be so. This seasonal event will return on May 25 and will last for a week, which should be plenty of time to grab the new Fasnacht Masks.

Item names will now have a more consistent appearance as they will follow the same formula. The default setting will be to give it primary Legendary attribute name, followed by Atomic Shop cosmetic name, followed by mod name and finally the weapon name. Yes, this can result in real mouthfuls.

Changing backpack appearance should be easier after this patch as it will be more like applying a skin. On top of that, players can apply these changes to small backpacks as well.

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Fallout 76 - Spread the Love event

There are new limited-time challenges in Nuclear Winter that will award cosmetic rewards. They are now live and will be around until June 11.

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