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F1 2020 trailer shows off Austria Red Bull Ring

Published: 14:29, 11 July 2020
Codemasters, F1 2020 screenshot
Codemasters, F1 2020

Formula One fans probably know by now that the final practice session for the Austrian Grand Prix has been cancelled, but that's no reason not to check out the track yourself.

Austria's Red Bull Ring runs at 4.318 kilometres, or 2.683 miles if you prefer, and it's apparently one of the shorter race tracks. It comes with "just" 10 corners, and makes for one of the shortest laps in the season but that's not to say it's a breeze.

Codemaster gave out some valuable advice for F1 2020 players, covering the track turn by turn. We suppose the actual drivers won't mind looking over it now either. 

For instance, the first turn will cut you some slack in terms of breaking, as its uphill direction means you can step on the pedal much later than usual. 

Turn 3 is said to be the best overtaking spot, in real life and in F1 2020, as players have no choice but to slow down to a crawl. And you know what that means. Oh and this one is uphill too, which is likely to help those brave enough. 

Speaking of bravery, Turn 6 and 7 should be among the trickiest for F1 2020 players, but there's much time to be won if performed correctly. Going from a fast left-hand turn, which requires you to enter from far right and with only a slight tap on the brakes, Turn 7 will let you pass without breaking if you turn early enough.

Unfortunately, the heavy rain in Austria has thrown a wrench into F1's plans, but that clearly doesn't extend to the freshly launched Codemasters F1 2020. If you're hungry for more of F1 2020, you can check out their Hanoi Circuit breakdown here .

F1 2020, Formula One simulation by Codemasters

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Codemasters, F1 2020

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