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Attack on Titan lookalike Extinction gets feature and story trailers

Published: 14:50, 15 March 2018
Iron Galaxy
A giant orc is about to stomp a puny human warrior.

Extinction is an upcoming action game by Iron Galaxy whose premise and gameplay are very reminiscent of Attack on Titan. The game's publisher, Modus Games, released two trailers in one day detailing the game's story and features.

Extinction's name is very descriptive of the game's setting. Humanity is losing a one sided war against massive ogres who have destroyed human kingdoms and settlements one by one, until only a single one is left standing. You asasume the role of Avil, the last member of an ancient order named Sentinels. The sentinels are the only humans who have ever managed to kill ogres and so the role of humanity's last protector falls on you.

This storyline looks like a blend of Attack on Titan and Dragon Age: Origins. You are tasked with defending the last human settlement in the world, just like the walled island of Paradis but there isn't a whole army fighting the enemy. You are the last warrior who has the power to kill the otherwise unkillable enemy, like Dragon Age's Grey Wardens in Ferelden.

Iron Galaxy Humanity's defender is enjoying a wall climbing exercise while an ogre is ruining the city. Extinction - The huge ogres are called Ravenii, and their armor and quirks are randomly generated.

Extinction's features trailer shows the game's fast paced combat, with the developers describing various ways of fighting the ogres. According to them, he game will feature a ''lot of high level skill execution'' that involves animation cancels, timing specific attacks and a wide variety of attacks.

Considering the colossal stature of the ogres and their immense power, it would seem weird if Avil could just jump on their necks, cut their heads off and be done with it within 30 seconds of combat. The finishing blow can be performed only once enough power is accumulated, at which point you will be notified on the screen.

Iron Galaxy Avil is about to chop a Ravenii's head off with a spinning attack. Extinction - Head removal service is at your disposal.

Iron Galaxy and Modus Games have recently announced the game will have a simultaneous release for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 10 April 2018. 

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