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Explore Cave Story on Nintendo Switch this year

Published: 20:38, 06 April 2017
Updated: 20:43, 06 April 2017
Cave Story

Developers Nicalis have confirmed that Steam favourite Cave Story will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. More Cave Story or just a slightly updated Cave Story+ for different devices is always a good thing.

The game was originally teased by founder Tyrone Rodriquez on Twitter back in January with a picture showing the Switch OS with the game.

This will be Cave Story’s third time appearing on Nintendo hardware after previously being available​ on the Wii and 3DS.

Nicalis Cave Story Cave Story

Cave Story is a puzzle platformer influenced by Mega Man, Zelda, Castlevania and Metroid. The game has been applaud critically for it's challenging gameplay and compelling storyline.

Originally released in 2004 for PC, Cave Story is the game which started the boom for indie platformers with a large dose of nostalgia.


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