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Excited for NBA Live 2020? EA has bad news - it's been cancelled!

Published: 13:23, 30 October 2019
EA Sports
Kevin Durant running back to defense in TD Garden.
NBA Live 19 - Kevin Durant

It looks as if Ubisoft's woes were contagious as EA's earnings call brought with it a few delays, or in NBA Live's case - cancellations. Yes, Electronic Arts will be skipping on NBA Live 20 in order to further innovate on the title.

In short, there will be no NBA Live game in FY 2020, meaning that the earliest possible date the new NBA Live instalment can launch is April 2021.

"With great support from the NBA and the NBA Players Association, we have been working on an innovated new direction for our game time with the All-Star Weekend, an experience designed around new ways for players to engage, connect and create through basketball. Now with greater understanding of the new platforms and what they can power, bringing social connection, accessibility and play creativity at the forefront, we feel we can go so much further with the new design", said EA's CEO Andrew Wilson. 

The whole scenario is reminiscent of NBA Live 17, where fans waited anxiously to learn anything about the next instalment, only for EA to cancel the release entirely. It also happens to be the fourth time EA has done this decade. 

EA's earnings call didn't only push back NBA Live, as has been moved to FY 2022, meaning April 2021 at the earliest. This leaves Apex Legends as EA's main shooter in 2021 and the dev will support the growth of Respawn's battle royale with new content and platforms, mobile included.

EA Sports Broadcast view of Houston Rockets versus Milwaukee Bucks in NBA Live 19 NBA Live 19: Houston Rockets vs Milwaukee Bucks

Delaying of NBA Live could be a blessing in disguise for EA, as they'll get ample time to polish the next instalment as they promised. On the other hand, this does leave a gap that can be exploited by NBA 2K20, which is widely regarded as the better basketball franchise, so we guess we'll have to wait and see. 

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