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Latest Escape From Tarkov update brings new location and weapons

Published: 10:29, 25 December 2018
Battlestage games
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Escape From Tarkov

Battlestate Games have dropped a new trailer for Escape From Tarkov's upcoming patch. The update is bringing a new TerraGroupLab location and more than 100 new weapons, attachments and equipment along with other optimisation improvements.

Players will have the chance to explore the TerraGroupLab which is an underground laboratory complex just beneath the center of Tarkov. The new location will include a special type of extractions. The hidden lab is sealed and players will have to meet "certain conditions" before they can activate the extraction. 

The underground lab is occupied by Raiders who are trained and well-equipped enemies. The dev blog post says that Raiders will use grenades, flashbangs and will attack as a well-coordinated group. For those who hope to play as a Raider, Battlestate Games said that at the moment, players won't have that option.

Additionally, the update is bringing a new boss named Killa who is wearing heavy armour and has a custom metal helmet. His main weapon is a light machine gun and judging by the dev's description of his fighting style, Killa will be one smart boss. He'll throw smoke bombs to protect himself while he engages other enemies and will rush players in zig-zag movement.

To prepare themselves for Killa and other enemies in TerraGroupLab, players will get new consumables dubbed Stimulators. These items will improve skill levels and characteristics but will have a negative impact on player's health. 

Last but not least, the developers added more than 100 new weapons and attachments. These include light the machine gun RPK-16, a bolt action rifle Remington 700 and some variations of Mosin rifle along with melee weapons such as knives, hatchets, ice axes, a tactical sword and entrenching tool. Players will also get new equipment like body armour, tactical vests and helmets.

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Battlestate Games also shared some detail on future content and if everything goes as planned in 2019 players will get soldier appearance customisations, weapon presets, new skills and further improvements to graphics, net code and performance optimisation.

For more detailed info on the new update, check out the full patch notes on Escape From Tarkov .

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