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Epic Games Store update, Metro: Exodus highest grossing

Published: 13:21, 03 May 2019
4A Games
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Metro Exodus

Epic Games have posted an update on the Store's best month yet, highlighting some standout performances by Metro: Exodus, Anno 1800, World War Z and Satisfactory, their blossoming partnership with Humble Bundle and some delayed features.

April of 2019 has been Epic Games Store's (EGS) biggest month so far, and it seems that a few titles overshot initial estimations by a healthy margin.

Saber Interactive's zombilicious shooter World War Z has sold 320,000 copies so far, 250K of which was in its first week. The dev already revealed that the game sold 1 million copies, equally split between PS4, Xbox One and EGS.

Ubisoft's strategy Anno 1800, our glaring review of which can be found here , has achieved the best PC launch in the franchise's history, and the same goes for Metro: Exodus, even though its late retreat from Steam earned it plenty of flak.

Having been criticised for lack of certain features, Epic have shifted their focus towards "supporting online features required for new game launches".

This narrative peculiarly resembles Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford's, who said that by the time Borderlands 3 launches, the EGS will have all the necessary features to support it. He even suggested Steam may end up a dying store unless they change their ways.

As for the EGS, their planned April features have been moved to May and June, the details of which you can look up in the Store's Trello board.

Epic also announced that their partnership with Humble Bundle is bearing fruit, so there's now an external alternative to the EGS. Today you can buy Metro Exodus and Dangerous Driving, and pre-purchase Borderlands 3 at the Humble Store; more games are coming!", theey wrote.

Gearbox Borderlands 3 character Borderlands 3

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, recently said that paying developers to give out their games for free has proven more successful than other forms of marketing, and you'd be hard pressed to agree.

So far, their freebies have been installed more than 25 million times, so it seems like it's working.

You can find the full update post here .

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