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Epic Games buy UE4 visualisation suite Twinmotion, now it's free

Published: 09:49, 14 May 2019
Epic Games
Building created with Twinmotion in UE4 showing Fortnite llama

Even though most of the focus on Epic Games has lately been on their store and snapping up of exclusives, the company has been just as active on the Unreal Engine side of things, and their latest purchase is Twinmotion visualisation suite.

Described as "a high-quality, easy-to-use real-time visualization solution", Twinmotion is an intuitive suite of tools for use in architecture, construction, urban planning and by landscaping professionals.

Twinmotion is powered by Unreal Engine 4, and Epic have actually made it free for all users until November 2019, so you can go and check it out for yourselves.

Note that getting it before November means it's "yours to keep using indefinitely", so it's not an advertising ploy or anything.

Twinmotion allows for assigning PBR materials, hassle-free lighting setups, setting up weather and more.

It comes with a hefty library that contains animated characters, which you can use to populate your scenes and make them more realistic, as well as foliage and other assets, all simplifying architectural design to a few clicks.

The company explained that Unreal Engine 4 has seen significant demand in the architectural space, so Twinmotion fits the bill perfectly, as it focuses the engine's power solely to architectural design.

Epic have already made a few changes to Twinmotion, and there are a few notable differences from Abvent's version from 2019. 

"Apart from now being free, the latest version offers improved performance, enhanced direct synchronization with Revit and ARCHICAD, and new global illumination glow effects. All users can also now access a shared library for multi-user collaboration—a feature previously only available in Twinmotion Team", they wrote.

Epic also said that there is a "small number of features" that have been removed or changed from Abvent's version, but for the most part, Twinmotion will stay the same.

3Lateral Image of a woman rendered in real-time thanks to 3Lateral's tech 3Lateral, Siren

Obviously, the company has set its sights on much more than just exclusives, as they've recently purchased character modelling specialists , whose work you're intimately familiar with if you've played Horizon: Zero Dawn, Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice or Until Dawn, or seen that Andy Serkis demo.

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