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Epic fork out $500,000 in Unreal Dev Grants to complete $5m goal

Published: 19:51, 18 March 2019
Limestone Games
Aeon Must Die! protagonist fighting enemies
Aeon Must Die!

Epic Games have announced that $500,000 has been paid to the final recipients of Unreal Dev Grants, which completes the company's goal of giving $5 million to developers using Unreal Engine 4. That's not the end of their support though.

This has been the last round of Unreal Dev Grants, no-strings-attached financial assistance that Epic gave away to recipients "from a variety of industries including games, film, AR/VR/MR, education, and more."

As you can see from Epic's reel, Unreal Dev Grants have gone to a bunch of companies so far, a list that includes the likes of Mundfish, developer of , whose trailer you seriously should check out, and System Era Softworks, the team behind the delightful space exploration gem Astroneer, to name but a few.

The current round of grants is a bit too long to cover, but the list includes Limestone Games, team responsible for Aeon Must Die!, as well as developers of Cryptant, Eximius: Seize the Frontline, and even some animated shows.

If you're interested to learn more, you can do so on Epic's website here, and it wouldn't hurt to browse through the list as there are quite a few interesting games there, which might catch your eye. If you happen to find something you like, it's a double win for the dev, right?

The company, however, insist that this is not the end of their support, inviting interested developers to tune into Epic's State of Unreal opening session at the Game Developers Conference to learn more. 

"We remain inspired by the talent and dedication that the Unreal Engine community continues to exhibit, and look forward to where everyone will take things next", Epic wrote.

Mundfish Machines are dancing in a creepy way in Atomic Heart Atomic Heart

This is yet another of Epic's pro-developer initiatives, although not all of them seem to be ringing well with the masses, particularly ones that include more Epic Games Store exclusives, regardless of what the developer share may be.

Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney said that he too would love a single launcher for everything, but until the current system is replaced with a 100 per cent open commerce ecosystem, "we need competition" he said.

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