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Old school RPG Encased has players proposing ideas for NPCs

Published: 15:07, 26 July 2018
Cover art for the upcoming, post-apocalyptic sci-fi game Encased

Dark Crystal Games, the team behind the upcoming old-school, post-apocalyptic, turn-based strategy game Encased, certainly have the right idea, inviting fans to take part in what will ultimately be a bonding process - making stuff.

The player whose NPC idea ends up being used will get unique in-game items to reflect his creator status and even completing the form is enough to get you The First Settler's Helmet cosmetics. Dark Crystal have made NPC creation into a fun thing to do thankfully, so It's not just throwing hair, colour and clothes around either.

First, you answer the test of character responses to everyday scenarios, loosely indicating the sort of character your Encased NPC is. One of the replies says, "Nikola Tesla with an electric guitar and the words 'Science Rocks!' written in lightning". That sounded so good, who cares what the question was?

Once you're done with enquiries, you fill in key information, distribute and rearrange some stats and if you wish. The most prominent one should be most prominently featured but these documents will hopefully be passed around in-game for a while, since Dark Crystal are admittedly in it for the long haul.

As for the game itself, it definitely reeks of old school, in a good way for the most part. The story seems slightly reminiscent of the Roadside Picnic, which served as basis for Stalker as well.

Namely, a mysterious but powerful dome has been uncovered in one of Earth's deserts, containing the sort of power that attracts the worst humanity has to offer - advertisers and EA. Just kidding, relics from the dome go for a pretty penny at black markets, which is why C.R.O.N.U.S. Corporation mostly tries to keeps it for themselves.

Encased is coming out on Steam's Early Access sometime in 2019 so be aware that all video footage you see is still pre-alpha. I happen to find much of it quite inviting though, especially some of the concept art, so it's a good sign for starters.

Dark Crystal Games Screenshot from the upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG Encased Encased

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