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Embracer Group reveal ambitious plans to launch 19 AAA games over the next three years

Published: 10:30, 16 February 2023
Embracer Group own studios like Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, THQ and 4A Games
Embracer Group own studios like Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, THQ and 4A Games

Embracer Group are ramping up the development of major AAA games. The company now expect to launch 19 new games by 2026.

Embracer Group is the biggest video game company in the world in terms of the number of publishers and developers and over the next couple of years, they plan to finally start releasing all these games that are currently in development for various platforms.

In their Q3 2022/23 fiscal year financial report , Embracer Group confirmed that they have more than 19 games in development that will be released by the fiscal year 2025/2026. And no, this does not include smaller titles as all of the 19 games are confirmed to be AAA projects, meaning these are big-budget titles with high production values. 

Embracer added that they have 31 AAA games in development slated for the fiscal year 2027/2028. This means that Embracer-owned publishers will release a minimum of six new AAA projects every year until 2028, which certainly sounds impressive and exciting. 

Embracer said they have invested over 8 billion Swedish Crowns into these projects, which is almost 800 million dollars and around 25 million dollars per game. For context, a game like Remedy's Control had a budget of 30 million dollars, while Crystal Dynamic's Shadow of the Tomb Raider cost between 75 and 100 million dollars. 

Of course, not every game will have the same budget but it's safe to say that every project Embracer have in works will have a very decent budget. 

Embracer Group artwork showing Embracer Group logo and games Embracer Group own over hundred video game development studios

Embracer publishers and developers are set to release some highly-anticipated games very soon, with the action RPG Dead Island 2 kicking off things on April 21, 2023. 

Several other upcoming games have also recently been announced including Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, Remnant 2, and Payday 3. In total, Embracer have 94 projects scheduled to be released by fiscal year 23/24 of which 58 are yet to be announced.


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