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Early PS5 pre-order numbers show massive difference between Standard and Digital Edition

Published: 12:43, 18 September 2020
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SONY PlayStation 5

According to early pre-order data for PlayStation 5, the Digital Edition takes less than 1 per cent of the total pre-orders. This suggests that stock for the Digital Edition is very low or that players simply don't want system with no drive.

Earlier this week, Sony officially opened pre-orders for PlayStation 5, which did not work as they hoped since most of the consoles sold out immediately. And it looks like the majority of players who decided to purchase the console went with the Standard Edition, which comes with a blu ray drive.

According to the early pre-order data from CAG the Digital Edition of PlayStation 5, which does not come with a disc drive is less than 1 per cent of the total pre-orders. This is certainly way lower than we expected since digital sales have been on the rise for years. 

However, it is possible that there is no stock of the Digital Edition which would explain the low pre-order numbers. Another theory is that players are simply not interested in the version with no disc drive, but we doubt that's the case since the hype for PlayStation 5 is going through the roof and most of these consoles would sell like hotcakes anyway.

These numbers will most definitely get much closer as PlayStation 5 is back in stock again and it will be interesting to see which console will come out on top as the best seller. Our guess would be the Standard Edition since we're yet to step into the fully digital age of gaming.

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