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EA to agree exclusive NFL partnership

Published: 14:21, 26 May 2020
EA Sports
American football player waving to the crowd in Madden NFL 18
Madden NFL 18

EA will continue to develop and publish more Madden NFL games in the upcoming years. The company is expected to sign a major deal which will see the Madden series continue until 2025.

According to the latest reports, the chiefs of the USA's National Football League (NFL) are set to extend their partnership with the publisher EA until 2025. This means that EA's Madden series will continue to release in the next five years. Sports Business Daily reports that the voting on the deal takes place this week, but it's expected that the owners of the NFL vote to continue the partnership. 

This deal will once give EA the exclusive rights to develop and publish NFL simulation games but also non-exclusive rights to create other, arcade-style NFL games such as mobile titles.

On top of this, the partnership can be extended for one additional year if future Madden games manage to achieve certain revenue goals, which has not been an issue for these games in the past. 

As you may know, NFL and 2K recently announced a partnership that will see 2K Sports develop arcadey NFL games. Many assumed that this could mean 2K may snatch simulation rights from EA but now we know that will not be happening anytime soon. 

EA Sports A screenshot of Travis Kelce wearing his home uniform in Madden NFL 19. Madden NFL 19

EA have officially announced Madden 21 on Inside Xbox event a couple of weeks ago and full gameplay showcase should be coming this month.

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