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EA hacked; hackers steal source code for FIFA 21 and the Frostbite engine

Published: 18:55, 10 June 2021
screenshot showing Trent Alexander-Arnold in FIFA 21 on Xbox Series X and PS5
Trent Alexander-Arnold in FIFA 21 on Xbox Series X and PS5

Publisher EA have confirmed their servers have been breached in a recent hacker attack. The hackers claim that they have 780GB of data, including source code for FIFA 21 and the Frostbite engine.

Hackers have broken into Electronic Arts, the publisher of Battlefield, FIFA, Apex Legends and many other popular franchises, and stole a wealth of game source code and related internal tools, according to the report in VICE.

The hackers have revealed details of the hack on the underground forums, claiming that they have he source code for FIFA 21, as well as code for the game's matchmaking server.

The hackers also claim they have obtained the source code and tools for EA in-house engine Frostbite, which is used for developing almost every EA published games.

Additionally, other stolen information includes proprietary EA frameworks and software development kits (SDKs), bundles of code that can make game development more streamlined. 

In total, hackers say they have stolen 780 GB of data, which certainly is a massive data breach.

EA image of Battlefield leaked screenshot Battlefield is built on Frostbite engine

EA commented on the matter, confirming that the breach indeed happening and it's currently under investigating. 

"We are investigating a recent incident of intrusion into our network where a limited amount of game source code and related tools were stolen," an EA spokesperson told in a statement.

"Following the incident, we’ve already made security improvements and do not expect an impact on our games or our business. We are actively working with law enforcement officials and other experts as part of this ongoing criminal investigation."

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