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Dying Light 2 has sold over five million copies

Published: 14:16, 22 April 2022
Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2

Techland have revealed that Dying Light 2 Stay Human has sold 5 million copies through the end of February. 

Open-world parkour zombie horror title from Polish studio Techland, Dying Light 2: Stay Human , has officially sold over five million copies, the developer announced.

The game managed to reach this number as of February 28, 2022, so it's safe to say that the actual number is even higher. Techland said in a press release that numbers are "significantly growing every month".

Dying Light 2 was officially released on February 4, 2022, so it managed to cross five million sold units in less than a month, which is certainly an impressive result, especially with such a strong competition in Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring, both of which also released in February 2022.

Additionally, Techland also celebrate an impressive feat of the first Dying Light game, which managed to sell over 20 million copies to date.  

Techland Dying Light 2 - Post launch roadmap Dying Light 2 - Post launch roadmap

All in all, that's quite a start to a year for Techland, who still plan to bring plenty of fresh content to Dying Light 2 over the coming months. The team already revealed the roadmap, which includes the first paid story DLC in June.

Techland said that they will be supporting Dying Light 2 with new content for the next five years. This is certainly great news if Dying Light is one of your favourite video game franchises.

Dying Light 2, Techland's open-world survival RPG game

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Dying Light 2

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