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DualShock 5 controller with altered mic & speaker potentially revealed in PS5 patent

Published: 14:40, 18 November 2019
DualShock 5 image
DualShock 5 controller

Sony Interactive Entertainment's latest patent contained imagery that could represent the gamepads for PlayStation 5, potentially meaning we are looking at DualShock 5 at the moment, free to speculate about features such as microphone and speakers.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) filed a patent recently that contained images that are obviously representing a controller but the lack of concrete information left a lot of room for theory-crafting.

Namely, the design submitted to the Japanese patent office seems to depict features such as a microphone, speaker and even a touch screen. The only direct mention in the patent regarding these features is the one pertaining to the microphone. According to the , it is the part between analog sticks that is marked by a solid line and goes all the way to the back of the controller.

As for the speaker, some fans are it will actually take the position where many expected a top light bar. Whether it happens to be the case or not, those following the developments are unified in hoping the sound quality is better this time around.

There are also about DualShock 5 having a touch screen, which could also require more design changes. Most notably, it could mean a larger gamepad overall but based on the impressions from the patent images, the increase in size is marginal.

Sony DualShock 5 is missing one light bar DualShock 5 is missing one light bar

While the prospect of a touch screen on the pad is exciting, keep in mind that the patent images were submitted due to the microphone, which is the only part of the controller that is marked with solid lines. By the time PS5 and DS5 come around, we could be looking at something noticeably different from what we are seeing now.

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