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DualSense drifting issue may have been partially fixed in the latest firmware update

Published: 16:10, 16 April 2021
artwork showing DualSense 5 controller
DualSense controller

It looks like Sony have released a firmware update for the DualSense controller with this week's PS5 software update. Some PlayStation 5 owners report that the update brought some changes to vibration and a potential fix for the drifting issue.

Earlier this week, Sony officially dropped a software update for their new console PlayStation 5, adding new features like storage expansion, game update pre-download and more. In the official patch notes, Sony did not mention any changes to DualSense software, however, it seems that they have actually added a couple of notable improvements.

As PlayStation 5 owners report in a Reddit thread, Sony snuck in some tweaks to the controller with its firmware update. It seems that the DualSense controller now vibrates differently when playing PS4 games but another more notable change is a partial fix for the drifting issue, which has annoyed many PlayStation 5 owners in recent months. 

As Redditor Deimos writes, the drifting issue on the right stick is gone. A couple of other Redditors also confirmed that the update has "fixed" the drifting issue. "After the update it’s gone. I’ve even reset the deadzone settings," Redditor machetedestroyer wrote. 

And while this certainly is good news, it's far from an ideal solution. Sony can indeed make some tweaks to correct the stick positions to compensate for drift but sadly that's only delaying the inevitable as the wear will eventually become too big and the controller would need fixing or replacing. 

Sony artwork showing DualSense controller for ps5 DualSense

All in all, it will be interesting to see if Sony have even more improvements in the pipeline that would make the drifting issue as minimal as possible. Like we already said, it's a partial fix but it's still better than nothing.

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