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Siltbreaker - DOTA 2 getting a multiplayer co-op campaign

Published: 12:19, 05 May 2017
Updated: 11:45, 09 May 2018
Dota 2 - Siltbreaker

This year's International Battle Pass for Dota 2 will be adding a multiplayer cooperative campaign to the game. The first Valve release containing some actual story in a good long while will see the scorching light of day later this month.

The multiplayer co-op campaign for Dota 2, titled Siltbreaker, is set to release in two acts. The first act called The Sands of Fate, is scheduled for later this month, while the second act named A Vault in the Deep is arriving sometime in July.

Valve Dota 2 - Siltbreaker Dota 2 - Siltbreaker

The campaign description so far reads "...this all-new campaign calls upon you to party up with three friends or queue-met allies to battle through a diverse landscape of loathsome monsters, cunning traps, and other lethal terrors. With the fate of Dark Reef and the safety of the free seas hanging by a fish-gut thread, you'll need to work together if you're to find any hope for survival."

Quite a call for friendship and togethernes, aimed at a gaming comunity famed for its gratuitously toxic levels and brand of discourse.

The little promo blurps invite players to "journey to strange lands, battle fearsome beasts and claim rewards". These rewards come in the form of campaign XP that can be used to spin the Wheel of Rewards giving players the opportunity to win a Desert Sands Baby Roshan.

Picture of Siltbreaker doing his thing in Dota 2 Dota 2 - Siltbreaker Dota 2 - Siltbreaker

The entire cooperative adventure is part of Valve's International for 2017 is available for around £7 at ground level and £28 for those who want to grab all the level 75 perks immediately. The Battle Pass also lets you compete in this years International tournament, with 25 per cent of all pass sales flowing into the growing prize pool  sitting around £2.500.000 at the time of writing.

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