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Quit practicing Dota 2, OpenAI will beat you all the same

Published: 19:40, 06 August 2018
Preview of OpenAI bots in a game of Dota 2
Dota 2

Machines have obviously started their plans on extermination of humans in Dota 2, as OpenAI bots managed to wreck some of the best players around. Although not perfect in all scenarios, the bots were scarily efficient, to put it mildly.

They weren't fighting no greenhorns either, as the roster was filled with former pros and analysts, all said to be ranking in the top 99.95 percentile. Not that it showed mind you, since OpenAI bots aptly cleaned up two of their three games, the third of which was intentionally rigged.

OpenAI bots started both games pretty aggressively and worked their advantage every step of the way. In both cases, it snowballed into an unsurmountable advantage for the human players, much to the delight of the development team. 

Of course, nothing is as simple as it seems, not least programming of artificial intelligence, so initially, OpenAI can only choose from a roster of 18. For 115-strong Dota 2's roster, this is peanuts but it's still a good start.  

One of the programmers pointed out that OpenAI plays through 180 years of gameplay daily. Each of the bots is controlled by five artificial neural networks the size of an ant's brain. They supposedly exceeded expectations too, handling some tasks they weren't meant to do.

Alas, Dota 2 is still a very complex game that takes into account numerous variables on the fly, which makes bots exponentially harder to program the more heroes, items and skills you have. So, the OpenAI bots didn't do as well in the last game, but they've called it before it started, claiming they've got a 2 per cent chance at victory.

We're talking about the third game, where OpenAI characters of choice were chosen by the Twitch viewership, and the poor digital fellows still managed to last half an hour. Besides, the saltless experience of playing with AI Dota 2 players really makes you wonder whether they'll add a real-player likeness patch.

AltChar Open AI logo on a Dota 2 background Open AI

You can find the full Twitch stream of the match in question .

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