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Dota 2 Battle Pass owners to receive a Gabe Newell announcer pack

Published: 13:41, 22 August 2018
Gabe Newell
Picture of Gabe Newell at some event where he is waving around
Gabe Newell

Dota 2 will get a Gabe Newell announcer pack, which was unveiled at The International tournament. Valve released a trailer sketch where Gabe performs a few lines and has difficulty with uttering anything related to the number three.

Valve's founder, the main sale man himself, is going to lend his voice to Dota 2. It's only because it's not Dota 3 though. The announcer pack will not be available through traditional store purchase though, as it will be strictly tied to the Battle Pass which will set players back $10.

It's not a big deal though as other voice packs sometimes exceed that price and do not come bundled with prizes from the Battle Pass. To put a cherry on top, Valve have confirmed that 25 per cent of all Battle Pass sales, including the one with GabeN Mega-Kills announcer, will go towards The International prize pool.

Even though the tournament is already underway, it can be expected the prize pool will increase drastically be the time it's done due to everyone jumping at the ability to hear GabeN announce their matches, double kills and all other kill streaks that are not the triple kill.

That one also gets a voice line though, but GabeN announces it as "more than two, but less than four". You can hear him speak the line in the trailer embedded below, or you can preview more lines in the video embedded above.

There are three days left of The International, which will conclude on 25 August 2018 and current prize pool is almost at $25 million, which is the largest prize pool in e-sports history. It has absolutely dwarfed the biggest prize pool of Dota 2's main competitor, League of Legends, which had $2,25 million prize pool during in 2017.

As I previously mentioned, the prize pool is bound to keep growing and GabeN's Mega-Kill announcer pack will definitely lure in more Battle Passes which will in turn bring in more prize money for the competing teams.

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