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Dota Plus gets a new feature to help track Dota Pro Circuit

Published: 18:11, 16 March 2019
Updated: 18:12, 16 March 2019
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Valve's subscription service Dota Plus recently got a new feature that will help esports enthusiasts with following the latest events in Dota Pro Circuit. It will contain rewards and allow users to follow Dota 2 esports in real time.

Dota Pro Circuit tracker will be available for any Dota Plus subscribers on both iOS and Android devices so staying up to date will be made easier in case someone happens to be unable to follow Dota 2 esports on a computer. 

On top of keeping track of the happenings, users will be able to earn Shards by predicting winners of Dota Pro Circuit matches or compete for even more Shards in the Fantasy Challenge. When predicting winners, users will be able to gamble their Shards by wagering and will be paid out depending on the odds, provided they get the result right. Otherwise, they lose any Shards they committed.

Fantasy Challenge will be a bit more friendly to those who are not keen on gambling as it will function in a similar manner to Fantasy Football and the likes. Players will be able to field their own roster of champions and if they outperform the competition, they will be paid off in Shards.

Another will be a dynamic news feed that will focus on users' own choice of favourite teams and players, in order to keep track of what is going on in the organisations.

The Tournament tab will be the place to go to get info regarding Dota Pro Circuit as it will not only provide the competition standings but also advanced statistics such as match detail, net worth graph, hero stats and more unannounced numbers. 

Valve Newly added Dota 2 hero called Grimstroke Dota 2, Grimstroke

Keep in mind that Dota Plus is the substitution for the Majors Battle Pass and as such, it is a paid service. It costs €3.50 per month and can be further discounted if subscribing for a longer period of time. Since the service has a price tag on it, the predictions feature can essentially be seen as gambling real world money as Shards wouldn't be available without subscribing.

Thankfully, a single user can't subscribe over and over in order to get more Shards so those prone to gambling will be somewhat safe.

Dota 2 - The International 2018 - Group phase teams

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Team Liquid
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