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Doomblade announced, releases next year

Published: 14:52, 21 September 2021
Muro Studios

Muro Studios are coming up with another Metroidvania filled to the brim with slashing action, this time called Doomblade and published by someone other than themselves.

Doom and gloom are one of the themes in the next game by Muro Studio, who are not known all that widely but certainly beloved by those who played Shadow Bug. Namely, the Doom Girl will be messing around in the underground for some reason and she will come across the titular Doomblade , a sentient weapon that seeks escape.

While the reference to the phrase is not all that subtle, the devs didn't try to lean into that aspect either. Their forte is high-octane action after all, and the upcoming game will be filled with it, at least according to the gameplay trailer that debuted during The Escapist Indie Showcase 2021.

Just like numerous sentient weapons found across other games, this one is not at its full power. Therefore, Doom and Gloom will embark on the adventure to power it up through relics of old and eventually exact revenge on those who imprisoned the blade in the first place. You will also hack up everything that stands in your way.

Doomblade is coming to PC in 2022 but the exact release day or even month is currently kept under wraps. The game does have a Steam page though and it lists rather humble minimum PC requirements to run it. Windows 7 will work too.

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