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Discord is offering 90 per cent revenue to developers

Published: 17:06, 15 December 2018
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Discord Inc announced that they will allow developers to self-publish games on their store with 90/10 revenue split starting in 2019. They said that 10 per cent is enough for their operating costs, store optimisation and efficiency.

We're at a brink of "War of the Gaming Stores" at the moment after Epic and Discord announced their own stores to combat the one and only Steam. It looks like Discord Inc will offer developers the best deal as they announced that 90 per cent of revenue share will go to those who decide to publish their games on Discord store.

This offer will start in 2019 and they will even allow developers to self-publish games on their store with a minimal involvement from Discord in the whole publishing process. "Starting in 2019, we are going to extend access to the Discord store and our extremely efficient game patcher by releasing a self-serve game publishing platform," is the statement.

Discord Inc also invited all developers regardless of scale to try out their new platform. "No matter what size, from AAA to single person teams, developers will be able to self publish on the Discord store with 90% revenue share going to the developer."

The company made it clear that 30 per cent is way too much to distribute games and they even talked to many developers about the split. The development studios feel that Steam isn't quite earning their current share of 30 per cent and because of that, publishers are starting their own services to distribute their games.

According to Discord, this takes the focus from "creating great games" and "cultivating amazing communities" which should be a priority for every studio.

AltChar Logos of the Epic Games Store and Steam Epic Games Store v. Steam

Discord's announcement comes after Epic earlier revealed their own plan for Epic Store which already has some pretty good games from Steam. Epic is currently offering developers 88 per cent revenue share and both Discord and Epic are looking like a much better option for smaller development teams.

We're waiting to see what Steam has to offer and say and it better be good because the competition is fierce at the moment.

You can read the full statement on Discord's .

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