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Diablo 4 itemisation explained in more detail by Blizzard

Published: 14:36, 04 December 2019
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Blizzard's announcement and the brief demo of Diablo 4 have still left plenty of questions about the dev's highly anticipated title, so they set out to answer them in a series of blog posts. The latest one is about Diablo 4's itemisation.

In fact, Blizzard said that itemisation has been the most-discussed topic ever since the Diablo 4 reveal at BlizzCon, insisting that striking a deep and rewarding experience is their priority.

"Another important philosophy across the whole game for our team is the concept “Easy to learn, difficult to master.” This core philosophy helped many of us become the hardcore gamers we are today, and one we want to embrace throughout the Diablo IV development process", they wrote.

Blizzard are adamant that they aren't interested in making direct Diablo 2 or 3 clones - Diablo 4 will pick the things that worked best in Diablos of old and refresh it with new elements. They also stressed that the ideas they shared are very early designs, with the goal being to share it with the community early. In other words, these are far from final. 

In order to provide more interesting choices with Diablo 4 items, Blizzard listed the following changes they're considering:

  • We're increasing the total number of affixes on items, including Magic (Blue), Rare (Yellow), and Legendary (Orange). This should raise the overall importance of non-Legendary affixes on your character’s overall level of power.    
  • We are also introducing three new stats:        
    • Angelic Power, which increases the duration of all beneficial effects (like self-buffs or healing)       
    • Demonic Power, which increases the duration of all negative effects (like debuffs or damage over time)
    • Ancestral Power, which increases the chance of on-hit effects (aka increased proc chance)

Blizzard Diablo 4 stats card with item affixes and new stats Diablo 4, example of item affixes and new stats

Diablo 4's new stats will act as prerequisites for empowering other item affixes, and while you'll be able to equip and use an item - you'll be missing out on the bonuses. 

Blizzard said that this will ensure that the strength of your affixes is no longer dwarved by legendary powers, and the affixes themselves should be more relevant because they'll depend on Diablo 4 players' dedication.

Blizzard Diablo IV character attacking wolves on a mountain Diablo IV, staying frosty!

Another important change is that the Attack stat will now only be featured on weapons; the Defense stat will be solely for armour, while jewelry items will have neither. 

As things stand, Ancient Legendaries will be removed from the game in their current form, but you should expect plenty more work in regards to Diablo 4's endgame. 

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