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Devil May Cry 5 will feature odd weapons, like bikes and hats

Published: 10:12, 08 October 2018
Picture of Dante on a bike in Devil May Cry 5
Devil May Cry 5

Capcom made an appearance at New York Comic Con with their upcoming Devil May Cry 5 and showed some previously unseen footage. For example, the weird weapon roster that included a motorbike now also includes a cowboy hat that uses Red Orbs.

Previous Devil May Cry games included odd weapons as well, mostly as Dante or Nero defeated powerful demon bosses, who then promptly became their weapons. Devil May Cry 5 is apparently seeking to push the bar further as we have previously seen Dante use a motorbike he split in two as a weapon, but the New York Comic Con footage shows him using a cowboy hat as well.

Apparently, this cowboy hat is named Faust, after the minor demons from Devil May Cry 4, marking the first of its as this is the first demon-into-weapon conversion that didn't come from a boss demon. Faust will give Dante several new powers, such as meteor attack summons but the most interesting part is that it will use Red Orbs as munitions.

Yes, the same Red Orbs that will be purchasable via microtransactions, cue the doomsday soundtrack. We are not going to bash Capcom for this decision yet, as we don't know how well they will implement it, and it could actually turn out to be a feature in the long run.

According to Capcom, Faust hat will expend Red Orbs that would usually be valuable for powering up your demon hunters but it will also award more Red Orbs when you kill enemies with it. This is an interesting take on monetisation due to the risk-reward factor. If implemented fairly, it could be used to allow highly skilled players to completely bypass microtransactions, rewarding their skill in the process.

Capcom Picture of Nero aiming his Blue Rose revolver in Devil May Cry 5 Devil May Cry 5

Meanwhile, if Capcom go down the greedy route, it could become a nagging nuisance that will have the potential to make players hate the entire series for it. Let's hope that we don't run into a microtransaction hell once Devil May Cry 5 launches on 08 March 2018.

Devil May Cry 5, Capcom's latest instalment in the franchise

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Devil May Cry 5

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