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Destiny 2 Sunshot will get a larger magazine. Or cylinder?

Published: 08:59, 29 August 2019
Picture of the Sunshot hand cannon in Destiny 2
Destiny 2 - Sunshot

Sunshot hand cannon is far from the popular choice of Guardians in Destiny 2 and Bungie decided to give it some love. In order to make it not obsolete, the clip size will get buffed when Shadowkeep releases. Or should we call it a cylinder?

Sunshot is a sleek looking hand cannon in Destiny 2 that has barely anything to its name other than the pretty aesthetics. It is in the fast shooting hand cannon category, with a decent fire rate at 150 rounds per minute but Sunshot is held back by a huge capacity deficit compared to its peers.

Other hand cannons in this category tend to have 12-13 rounds per reload while Sunshot has only eight. Considering the fast shooting hand cannons have lower stopping power, the eight bullets just couldn't cut it which resulted in this exotic being benched indefinitely.

Players have been complaining about Sunshot's underwhelming performance for a long while now and Bungie are ready to bring it to the big leagues with Shadowkeep. According to Bungie's developers, they have been working hard on improving sandbox quality of life in the expansion but they are also looking at the hand cannon's problematic capacity.

They didn't offer any exact numbers but the comment made by makes it pretty obvious the changes revolve around the capacity itself and not the other mechanics this particular exotic features. It is highly likely Sunshot will still not have the same capacity as the other 150 RPM hand cannons though, due to the weapon's inherent explosions and the potential to chain them.

Despite the explosions being fun against weaker enemies, the gun still lacks power and is easily overshadowed by other exotics, not just exotic hand cannons, that outperform against enemies that are not glorified cannon fodder.

Bungie Picture of Ace of Spades, the exotic revolver from Destiny 2 Destiny 2 - Ace of Spades

The clip changes are still a bit of a mystery since we are not getting exact numbers from Bungie but dmg04 did state we should get more info as 1 October 2019 approaches.

On a somewhat off-topic note, it would be great if they settled it once for all - should we refer to Sunshot's ammo container as clip, magazine or cylinder?

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