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Destiny 2 gets launch trailer and tweaks for the PC beta

Published: 20:58, 21 August 2017
Updated: 08:36, 21 September 2018
Poster for Bungie's game Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Bungie has published the official release trailer for Destiny 2. The game will launch on 06 September for consoles and on 24 October for PC. The open beta for PC was tweaked based on the feedback gathered during the console open beta.

So the official Destiny 2 launch trailer has dropped and if you listen carefully you can just about make out the screams of excitement. Either that or my neighbours are hosting one of their electric toothbrush parties again. 

Destiny 2 will be coming to a console near you in a couple of weeks or, to be more precise, on 06 September. The PC launch date is set for 24 October. The PC open beta for everyone begins on 29 August. The whole thing will run until 31 August.

Bungie Destiny 2's Cayde-6 holding a chicken Destiny 2

The beta you experience on your PC will differ from the console one. "In what ways" I hear you (or my neighbours) scream. Well:

Changes to PvP:

As far as quickplay is concerned, matchmaking times will shorten and less emphasis will be on Skill. The winning score in Control has been extended from 75 to 100. The trigger for the Mercy rule has also been extended. Competitive on the other hand will take its own sweet time matching you to the players of similar skill and a good connection. 

PvE changes:

Infinite Super glitch was fixed and "Infinite Supers are all well and good until someone loses an eye".

Bungie Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Warlock Glide glitch was also fixed but the team did have some trouble: "This bug was awesome… So awesome it hurt us a little bit to kill it." They still thanked everyone who helped find it.

Also fixed are the Infinite Grenades glitch (come on, guess) and the "Warlocks now have the same Melee Range as all other classes". The new deal is: "With the exception of where perks directly increase their range, Warlocks will punch like the rest of us. Our PC friends will get a chance to experience a world with consistent base melee ranges."

Bungie Destiny 2 Destiny 2

Now for the stuff that was tweaked. The time it takes to charge your Super was globally reduced. Grenade damage and power ammo drops in PvE have been increased. There will be more heavy ammo than before. Also, heavy ammo can also be directly farmed from all Yellow Bar Combatants.

Back to the trailer real quick. How good did it feel to hear Gina being the cautious one, and Nathan just wanting a sandwich. While holding a chicken.

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