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Denuvo’s Anti-Cheat arrives to PlayStation 5

Published: 13:40, 10 March 2021
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Denuvo can slow down your games up to 50 per cent

Denuvo have joined PlayStation 5 and its exclusive Tools and Middleware program. Denuvo will offer Anti-Cheat solutions through this program to publishers and developers whose games are available on PS5.

Denuvo tech, which was available only in PC games, has arrived to PlayStation 5 console to prevent cheating and hacking in games. Denuvo announced the partnership with Sony via the official statement on their website.

"As security and innovation collide, Denuvo by Irdeto today announces it has joined the exclusive PlayStation 5 Tools and Middleware program. Denuvo, the leader in video games protection, offers its Anti-Cheat solution through this program to publishers and developers whose games are available on PlayStation 5."

Denuvo also explained how developers can use the tools to prevent cheaters from exploiting the game files:

"Denuvo's Anti-Cheat incorporates advanced technology to secure both online gameplay as well as securely reward offline progress. The technology helps game developers protect sensitive game logic or data, preventing cheaters from changing sensitive variables and ensuring its trustworthiness."

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They also mention that a number of games already incorporated Denuvo's Anti-Cheat to ensure the best experience for the gamers. Furthermore, Denuvo made it clear that their Anti-cheat technology will not affect the in-game performance but it's really hard to trust the company on this one since it's been proven on PC that  Denuvo tech can hamper performance in games. 

You can check out the full statement here.

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