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Demon's Souls servers have been shut down for good

Published: 18:42, 01 March 2018
Demon's Souls promotional image showing a dead knight in shining armour.
Demon's Souls

Almost nine years after Demon's Souls' release, From Software are pulling the plug on the game's multiplayer servers. The shutdown was announced in November 2017 but on 28 February the decision became the deed.

Players can no longer summon others to help them with tougher fights and considering this is a game from the Souls series, it's got plenty of them. On the flip side, no one will be invading your single player campaign anymore. Hints and tips left by other players will also be gone, so if you're still playing the game, you will be completely left to your own devices.

This is rather heartbreaking due to one specific boss encounter - a monk who is not as challenging as some other bosses but his unique ability was to summon other players to fight you off. This was a brilliant twist to a boss fight that will now be reduced to summoning random AI now.

FromSoftware Screenshot from Demon's Souls where the player is standing beneath a stone arch. Demon's Souls - wave a goodbye to multiplayer servers.

Back when the shutdown was first announced, Atlus left a message on their website, thanking everyone who played Demon's Souls with special thanks to the players who are still playing it after so many years. They also invited the players who hadn't played it in a while to revisit it one more time before the servers go out.

While cutting the online service is bad news, it is only natural as the player base had dwindled over the years due to newer Dark Souls instalments having been released. Demon's Souls has never had an actual sequel, but Dark Souls is as close as it gets.

FromSoftware Screenshot from Demon's Souls showing the player's character in a cave. Demon's Souls

Speaking of which, the first Dark Souls' remaster is schedule for release on 25 May 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and will debut on Nintendo Switch. Titan Comics is also publishing the first issue of its tie-in Dark Souls in the near future.

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