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Days Gone PS5 - Riding the open road in smooth 60FPS at 4K

Published: 22:56, 03 November 2020
Days Gone protagonist on a motorcycle following another biker
Days Gone, main method for traversing the map

Days Gone will be running at dynamic 4K resolution and 60 frames per second on PlayStation 5, and you'll be able to transfer your PlayStation 4 progress too.

PlayStation 5 is almost here, and Sony are wasting no time preparing their first-party gems that we'll get to experience in the glorious 4K60FPS. Days Gone has been updated last week with a whopping 25Gb patch , and as we predicted, it was all about that PS5 backwards compatibility. 

One of Sony's first-party heavy-hitters, Bend Studio have announced in a tweet today that their zombie-shooter will benefit from all that horsepower hidden under the PS5's hood. The game will now run in a Dynamic 4K with up to 60 frames per second, compared to 30FPS on PS4, which should provide us all a pretty smooth ride.

Speaking of ride, Days Gone is a real beauty and 60FPS should make it even more enjoyable as this open-world game offers stunning visuals, and riding your bike on the Broken Road as a Deacon St.John should feel very snappy on the PS5.

Days Gone is an action-adventure survival game set in a zombie-infested world, where you play as a Deacon St.John, who is trying to find his wife Sarah after he finds out she might still be alive. The game has a nice storyline and some interesting characters, and while some side quests are really dull and just pure time-wasting, it's all compensated with shooting up hordes of Freakers (aka zombies).

SIE Bend A horde of zombies running towards the player in Days Gone You'll be clearing out hordes in 4K60FPS on PS5

Freakers live in hordes, and there are a bunch of them. You may accidentally run into them at night when they travel to find food or water and treat yourself with a nice evening run for your life.

Clearing out Freakers' nests is a big part of the game, and oh boy, it sure is fun! While it seems that Days Gone will not get a full-fleshed Next-gen patch, we can't help but wonder, how good will Days Gone 2 be on the PS5.

Imagine bigger hordes, smarter Freakers, no loading-screen, a bigger world, faster bike, and the possibilities of Tempest 3D Audio and DualSense haptic feedback. Goosebumps.

We'll all get to play Days Gone for free on PS5 via PlayStation Plus Collection Games, so buckle up and get ready for a ride that's due November 12/19.

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