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Days Gone gets trailer, launches on 22 February 2019

Published: 18:07, 07 June 2018
A man standing in the rain looking at crashed plane in Days Gone
Days Gone

PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone has been confirmed for launch on 22 February 2019 with a trailer called This World Comes For You, showing the game's protagonist and teasing more of the plot that awaits us once the game finally launches.

Set in a world ravaged by a global pandemic, the story goes that millions of humans turned into zombies, or as Days Gone calls them, Freakers. Freakers evolve quickly and kill even quicker, so players will have more than enough on their plate.

While most of the surviving population live in special shelters and behind military fences our protagonist, drifter and bounty hunter Deacon St. John, prefers the joys of the open road. Being a biker that's used to life on the road, St. John has a few tricks up his sleeve.

We've already learned of two types of Freakers in Days Gone, Newts and Horde. Newts were adolescents when they contracted zombitis, turning them into opportunistic hunters that prefer to lurk in the shadows before they strike. Horde is just what you'd expect from the name - it's a horde of Freakers that consumes everything in their way.

Freakers will be much more dangerous by night, as the old zombie lore states, and the Days Gone's dynamic weather system will ensure maximum immersion. Back at E3 2017, SIE Bend unveiled infected wildlife as well, including bears, wolves and my personal favourite, crows, for obvious creative-nod reasons.

Days Gone will have players crafting items, so as to improve their zombie behind-kicking skills, although we're yet to learn the specifics. What we can definitely confirm is that the game has a very deep storyline and if the latest trailer is anything to go by, we're in for a treat come February 2019.

Sony A man looking at a horde of zombies in Sony's game Days Gone Days Gone

Many of you know SIE Bend Studio from their once quite popular franchise Syphon Filter. In fact, this is the first non-portable game the company has done since releasing Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow on PlayStation 2 and PSP back in 2007.

You can check out the first trailer for Days Gone below. Gotta love that story.

Sony A man riding a motorcycle at night in Sony's game Days Gone Days Gone

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