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Dauntless leaves early access with a major patch

Published: 06:50, 26 September 2019
Updated: 08:04, 26 September 2019
Phoenix Labs

Dauntless, the free to play action RPG similar to Capcom's Monster Hunter: World has officially launched out of early access with a huge 1.0 update. The launch patch adds a new season named Aether Unbound, a new weapon and more.

Today, Phoenix Labs' monster-slaying free to play RPG Dauntless has officially launched out of early access and it brings in the aether strikers, Tempestborne Stormclaw, a new Hunt Pass (Aether Unbound: Way of the Fist), an all-new Bounty system, and a ton of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. 

Aether Strikes is the seventh unique weapon in the game and they have three basic combos that feed into your Mantras: Focused Assault, Spirit Barrage, and Mighty Squall. Successfully completing a combo by landing all three hits will charge its corresponding Mantra.

Once you fill up your Mantra, you can unleash three special techniques - Tempest Form, Karma Breaker and Adamant Bolt. Tempest Form is the simplest technique, requiring only one Mantra to use. By activating it you focus your energy and increase your attack speed. This is a relatively long boost. 

Karma Breaker requires two Mantras and it's a forward strike that damages the first target it hits and deals damage over time for an extended period. And last but definitely not least, Adamant Bolt releases a focused, cannon-like blast of energy, dealing damage to the first enemy it hits. 

It also deals bonus damage if either Tempest Form or Karma Breaker is active, and even more damage if they’re both active. However, it comes with a cost as you’ll need to light up all three Mantras in order to use this one.

The 1.0.0 update also brings the new bounty system. Phoenix Labs promise a more flexible way to earn Hunt Pass experience and this feature also replaces weekly challenges and the Hunt Pass break part system.

Epic Games dauntless artwork showing three armoured warriors Dauntless

On top of this, there is a new Behemoth, Twin Suns Mastery and new excursion. Here are the rest of the highlights from the patch:

  • New Dire Behemoth. Tempestborne Stormclaw has arrived in the Shattered Isles, wreaking havoc with its powerful storms. Look for the newest Dire on the Hunt Board.
  • New Hunt Pass. A new season begins, and a new Hunt Pass follows. Prepare to unleash your inner power in Aether Unbound: Way of the Fist.
  • Twin Suns Mastery. The Twin Suns exotic repeaters now have an official Mastery card. Open up your Mastery menu (‘N’ on PC) to see what challenges await.
  • Skip scene. Not interested in watching a cutscene? Slayers will now see an on-screen option to skip past cinematic scenes.
  • Aether strikers quest. New weapon. New quest. You’ll get this one around the same time you pick up your first repeaters quest for Janek Zai.
  • A friendly excursion. Also new on the quest front is “Friends Indeed,” a limited-time quest that challenges Slayers to hunt with their friends and earn exclusive dyes. Be sure to complete it before time runs out.

You can find a detailed list of new bug fixes, improvements and all additions on .

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