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Damwon Gaming secure LoL World Championship 2019 play-in spot

Published: 19:38, 09 September 2019
Updated: 10:48, 02 October 2019
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Picture of Elderwood Nocturne in League of Legends
League of Legends - Elderwood Nocturne

League of Legends World Championship 2019 participant roster is almost complete, following a weekend filled with action across North America, Europe and Korea. In the third case, it was Damwon Gaming who celebrated their WC qualification.

North America and Korea completed their qualifications for League of Legends World Championship 2019, revealing their participants while Europe still has Regional Finals before all is laid bare. In the case of Korea, it looked almost like a repeat of the playoffs since a team started from the bottom and kept stomping the opposition all the way up the bracket.

Kingzone DragonX kicked off Korea's Regional Finals with Afreeca Freecs in Round 1 where KZ coasted to victory in a 3-1 win rate. They repeated this performance in Round 2 versus Sandbox Gaming which started to look a lot like SKT T1's rampaging through the playoffs.

However, this redemption arc came to an end in the finals versus Damwon Gaming, but Kingzone were not that far away from winning the whole thing themselves since the series ended with 3-2 score. 

The first game saw KZ going for outplays all across the map but Damwon's superior macro-management proved overbearing, giving them an advantage they would later build upon. As skirmished spilt into mid-game, Damwon continued with an exceptional strategy which was rewarded with a convincing 25-minute win.

KZ attempted to take the Gragas/ Yasuo combo for themselves in the second match but it didn't work as well as it did for DWG. Not initially at least, but it did produce a by Naehyun in the top lane. Another highlight of the match was when Deft stole the Baron with Lucian ultimate, tilting the game in KZ's favour.

It took another Baron buff later on for KZ to push things forward but Beryl's amazing engage with Sylas followup helped keep DWG's ruined base safe for a few minutes as they decimated Kingzone. KZ managed to outplay DWG in a mid-lane team fight not long after though, wrapping things up for 1-1 on the scoreboard.

Riot Games Picture of Alistar in League of Legends League of Legends - Alistar

Beryl's Alistar proved problematic in both of the first two games for KZ but they decided to ignore him in the banning phase for Game 3 and that proved to be their downfall. Under 20 minutes of the match, DWG were up by 14-2 in kills and Alistar participated in 12 of them. The two kills he didn't participate in would remain the only two out of 22 in total as DWG closed the game in just under 26 minutes.

Alistar was not present in Game 4 as Beryl opted for Tahm Kench in an effort to babysit Nuclear's Vayne. The tactic did not pan out as Deft kept up in damage output even in late game as team fights kept ending with even scores. In the end, it was Naehyun who stepped up with several fantastic plays on Azir and KZ took the game in a little bit over 42 minutes.

KZ wouldn't leave the question of their qualification to Worlds up to Beryl as they banned Alistar in order to prevent the aggressive cow's engages. However, Beryl whipped out his Gragas and kept engaging, once again with huge kill participation. DWG had a fairly comfortable final game but didn't press their luck despite a massive lead. They brought the finals to an end one second before the 24th minute happened.

DWG certainly have a huge amount of talent among their players but it's Beryl the unstoppable engager that the other teams will need to look out for during World Championship 2019.


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