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Fast-paced cyber ninja Ghostrunner announced for 2020

Published: 07:50, 23 August 2019
One More Level
Promotional screenshot for Ghostrunner

Cyberpunk 2077 may have Samurai of its own but Ghostrunner will put players in the shoes of a cyber ninja immediately as they seek to utilise their wall climbing, jumping and running in order to avoid shots before cutting enemies down.

Cyberpunk 2077 is coming in 2020 but it didn't dissuade the developers of Ghostrunner, One More Level, from making their own entry in a cyberpunk setting. This game will not be a huge RPG with many world interactions, countless weapons and cars.

Interactions with NPCs may be limited, but interactions with the actual world of Ghostrunner are there, literally ever few seconds as players attempt to run across the wall, climb it, use the grappling hook and perform breakneck stunts in order to avoid projectiles coming their way.

Based on the trailer and gameplay sessions available at Gamescom 2019, it looks like Ghostrunner will be a game that will challenge the players' awareness and mechanics at the same time since one hit from the enemies' guns means you are dead.

On the other hand, once you get close to them, your sword will make short work of said enemies as they tend to end up in more than one part by the altercation's finish.

The premise of Ghostrunner is fairly simple. There is a tower city where the wealthy and powerful literally live above the rest and you are climbing the tower in order to cut them down a notch or two. Ghostrunner's description on Steam is fairly cryptic and only mentions The Keymaster as one of the more important figures the protagonist has to face.

While the enemy slashing seems to be the main attraction, the official description of the game suggests more than that is present since the protagonist is described as a "cyber-warrior, the only one capable of fighting both in the physical world and in cyberspace".

One More Level Promotional image for Ghostrunner Ghostrunner

There may or may not be a minigame hidden in that statement but it may not matter in the long run since the appeal of slashing bad guys while unleashing your inner ninja sounds good on its own.

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