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Cyberpunk 2077 will have Nvidia RTX ray tracing on launch

Published: 15:13, 12 June 2019
CD Projekt RED
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Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red's much anticipated RPG Cyberpunk 2077 will support Nvidia's RTX ray tracing it's been officially confirmed by both the developer and Nvidia. They also shared a couple of 4K screenshots, revealing the shiny reflections.

CD Projekt Red's upcoming action RPG Cyberpunk 2077 has been a major talking point all over the internet for a few days now. It's for all the good reasons, fortunately - Keanu Reeves is in the game, the "when it's ready" line has been finally replaced with a release date and we got a fresh batch of gorgeous screenshots from the game to keep the hype levels as high as possible.

And just when we thought that Cyberpunk 2077 couldn't be any prettier, CD Projekt Red officially confirmed that, once again, they will partner up with Nvidia to bring their new RTX ray tracing technology to Cyberpunk 2077.

Nvidia also revealed the partnership on their own blog and shared a couple of screenshots with RTX ray tracing enabled in glorious 4K resolution. As expected, they look pretty sweet with shiny reflections and realistic lightning.

Unfortunately, we didn't get any additional material but those at E3 will be able to check out ray tracing in action in the latest Cyberpunk 2077 E3 gameplay presentation. This demo will be shared with the public on Gamescom or at PAX in August, CD Projekt Red officially confirmed in their secret message.

Adam Badowski, Head of CD Projekt Red said that the developers are able to add another layer of depth and verticality to the game's impressive megacity with Nvidia's technology, while Matt Wuebbling from Nvidia believes that the world of Cyberpunk will "greatly benefit from the realistic lighting that ray tracing delivers"

While RTX ray tracing support on launch is a nice addition, many are wondering what could this mean for Cyberpunk 2077's system requirements. Well, CD Projekt Red won't talk about that just yet since we're still 10 months from launch.

CD Projekt Red cyberpunk 2077 screenshot showing a room with computers and cables Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 will release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on 16 April 2020.

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