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CS: GO players win tournament, get banned for cheating afterwards

Published: 08:16, 29 May 2020
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Well, better late than never we suppose, but Red Bull were still left in a peculiar situation where they had to ban the winners of the Red Bull Flick Finland National Final CS: GO event.

It turns out that members of the Boss Osuja team going by nicknames Jezayyyy and Woldes won the tournament by using cheats, and not even subtle ones. 

As you'll soon see from the video above, the aimbot is anything but subtle, with numerous cases of the crosshair snapping, or trying to, to the opposing CS: GO team. 

There's a fine but quite noticeable difference between a skilled flick-shot and surgically precise, rapid and often successive snapping by the aimbot - you'll know it when you see it.

Thankfully, some experienced players started sharing information on potential cheating, which pressed Red Bull to investigate further.

Apparently, last week's release introduced certain technical issues that prevented some types of cheating to be detected and banned by the event's anti-cheat team. 

"This lack of visibility and the fact that those types of detections were not yet managed with any immediate and automated 'kick&ban' strategy, created a delay for the two players to be banned (alongside 80 other players involved in other competitions across the FACEIT platform).

Due to the time constraints of the tournament, Red Bull Flick Finland National Final's second-placed team, Mikzuu and ykis, will proceed to the EU Closed Qualifier finals scheduled for May 30, 2020. 

Counter-Strike - Dust2 Counter-Strike - Dust2

We're not sure whether to call the cheaters brave of foolish, because it takes some gall competing on a major tournament using aimbots. Thankfully, they got what they deserved and we can only hope the bans last a while. 

You can find Red Bull's full statement here . Thanks, Kotaku

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