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Crytek shoots down rumours about Crysis Warhead and sequels remasters

Published: 11:15, 24 April 2020
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Crysis 3

Crysis Remastered will only include the original Crysis game, not Crysis Warhead or any of the other games from the series, Crytek representative has confirmed.

Earlier this month, Crytek officially confirmed that they are working on Crysis Remastered, a graphically enhanced version of the original Crysis game from 2007. Soon after that, players started to speculate whether the remastered edition will also include Crysis Warhead or even other Crysis games since some wording in the official announcement was a bit odd, mentioning Crysis "games" not "game" as a single title.

Sadly, Crysis Remastered will not include Crysis Warhead or any other games from the series, Crytek confirmed to Inverse . The report states that Crytek representative explained in an email that Crysis Remastered is just the original game. "It won’t include Warhead or any of the other games from the series," Crytek representative said.

This was expected to be honest since it would be a bit too much to remaster four games from the series. The last one, Crysis 3 is not even that old and it still looks pretty amazing so it would not make any sense to release a remastered version.

As for the original game, it is safe to say that Crysis is still a gorgeous game but with ray-tracing, high-quality textures and improved lighting, it has the potential to become the best looking game of all time, for the second time in its existence. 

Crytek Cryengine screenshot showing crysis remastered Crysis

Whether that is the case or not, we will find out once Crysis officially launches on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch.

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