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Serious Sam developer unveils the Croteam Incubator

Published: 20:17, 30 March 2018
Updated: 09:42, 19 April 2018
Croteam Incubator
Logo of newly formed umbrella studio Croteam Incubator
Croteam Incubator

Having spent four years VR flavouring their old titles, Croteam seem to have finally come back to their creative senses. The company's search for fresh blood yielded great results, as the Croteam Incubator already announced four new titles.

Croteam has definitely got a big year ahead, seeing as how the team are marking their 25 year anniversary and what better way to mark the milestone than with original titles. Well, four of them, to be exact.

CroTeam Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD

Croteam's recruitment policy seems to have worked like a charm, with the studio announcing Tormental, Battle Bolts, Guardians of Erda and I Hate Running Backwards in a single swoop.

The devs didn't give any fixed dates but we do know that I Hate Running Backwards will have a playable demo on Reboot Develop 2018 and Pax East. Of course, we'll have our eyes and ears in the field on both of the events, but in case your impatience is getting the best of you - you can feast your eyes on the trailer.

Serious Sam VR Serious Sam VR

The studio has apparently been busy behind the scenes, recruiting fresh blood and unifying them under the Croteam Incubator banner, ensuring a steady supply of fresh blood. For what it's worth - it seems to be working. 

Croteam Incubator President Roman Ribaric pointed out that even though the company has had some great ideas, they had to abandon most of them for financial reasons. Developers of the past haven't been blessed with the grants, loans and crowdfunding opportunities we see today, Ribaric said, so the time is right for the Incubator to take the stage.

CroTeam Serious Sam - The discerning shootist knows, if it screams AAAAA!! and has no head, shoot it in the balls! Serious Sam - The discerning shootist knows, if it screams AAAAA!! and has no head, shoot it in the balls!

Croteam may owe most of its popularity to delightfully wacky shooter Serious Sam but it's been about time to leave the past behind. And we're not saying this only because of our deep hatred for remasters - we honestly think the Croteam guys can, and hopefully will, do so much better.

With PAX East and Reboot practically around the corner, we're pretty excited to see what the Croteam Incubator has in store. We won't pretend to be blown away with what we've seen in the trailer, but we have a peculiar feeling that the Croatians will save a surprise or two for last.

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