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Crackdown 3 - Scorpio's Horizon Zero Dawn?

Published: 11:37, 05 April 2017
Reagent Games
Crackdown 3

Project Scorpio is set for reveal by Digital Foundry this Thursday. Developers of Crackdown 3, a game that's supposed to highlight all of the console's pros, have tweeted that some new info on the game is "coming soon" to the eager fans.

Reagent Games have been pretty silent when it comes to Crackdown 3, a game they presented at E3 2014. Detailing every single bit of their game prior to it even having a release date is not the developer's style, but staying mute on the subject for months on end apparently is.

After a while of not updating their fans on the game's status, Crackdown 3's Twitter account sent out a tweet excitedly proclaiming where 2017 will fall on the greatness scale. Maybe they are trying to tell us that the "horizon" they are talking about is this Thursday?

One way or the other (you're welcome for the song which is now stuck in your head), one of the tweets which followed, promised some info is on the horizon, as well as some booms are to be brought in the next few months. Also, the subsequent tweet remained vague about the Scorpio showcase set for Thursday.

While it's only natural that different teams don't communicate on a daily basis, especially while working on major projects, what's suspicious is the timing.

Why, why tweet after all this silence? Is the Digital Foundry going to present the game's stats as well? Very likely. Will there be a demo to go with the Scorpio's stats presentation? Probably not, but hey, we'll see soon enough!

Crackdown 3 is revered as the game that will make Scorpio shine in its full glory, so maybe the idea of showing the two projects at the same time is not a bad one after all.

Reagent Games Crackdown 3 - looking at the horizon for some new info Crackdown 3 - looking at the horizon for some new info

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