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Counter-Strike:Global Offensive nerfs Krieg SG553

Published: 19:43, 11 April 2020
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - SG 553
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - SG 553

CS:GO players have been having trouble with the Krieg / SG553 ever since the weapon's price was reduced in late 2018. Thankfully, the time for the nerf has finally arrived but AUG was not left untouched either.

Valve rolled out a balance patch for CS:GO on 10 April 2020 and finally nerfed both Krieg and AUG. While the latter was more popular due to having the same spray pattern as the AK-47 and it took a while for the players to start adopting the Krieg, it is the Terrorists' weapon that became the biggest nuisance eventually.

With the patch from 10 April 2020, this should finally come to an end. SG553's rate of fire have both been reduced in order to justify the low price tag of $2,750. That said, the weapon should not become useless and the possibility of it being used regularly is still real but it shouldn't be as overbearing anymore.

Its partner in crime that got buffed through the price reduction in the same patch in 2018, the AUG, has also been somewhat changed. Standing accuracy while not scoped has been improved but the scoped accuracy has been reduced.

Coupled with the buff to M4A1-S, the CTs should have more viable options in the future. The buff is that the weapon's price has been reduced to $2,900. Therefore, it should be a decent option in the loadout, if someone wants a budget AR to go along with the more expensive AUG.

The rest of the balance changes are in the SMG and sidearm classes. Deagle gained a buff as it is more accurate while jumping and the time to recover after landing has been reduced.

Tec-9's firing inaccuracy has been reduced while the Bizon gained better armour penetration.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Panorama UI overhaul

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Counter Strike: Global Offensive new menu
Valve releases a beta update which brings a fresh look to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The new Panorama UI overhaul aims to be more minimalistic and user-friendly. The overhaul is still in beta which restricts users from playing online

There are other changes not related to balance, all of which you can check out on the CS:GO blog .

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