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Could we see Clash introduced as a game mode to Riot Games' Valorant?

Published: 11:01, 11 March 2020
Riot Games
Valorant agent Viper
Valorant - Viper

Project A, recently revealed as Valorant, is Riot Games' tactical shooter coming out this summer. The gameplay footage released earlier this month has left some fans speculating if the game is going to feature a competitive weekly tournament mode, such as Clash.

Riot Games are finally validating the "s" in their name as their new tactical shooter title Valorant is right around the corner with summer 2020 being the expected time frame for the game's release.

The hype surrounding the game is pretty big since Valorant is Riot Games' first title that's unrelated to League of Legends, as opposed to Teamfight Tactics which includes League's champions, items, and even skins.

Even though it's been confirmed that the game will be placed in a completely different universe, we can't expect Riot to abandon all the good things that have made League of Legends the giant that it is today. For example, one of the features that they could implement is the somewhat controversial Clash mode.

For those of you who don't know, Clash is a biweekly game mode that allows a group of five players to team up and compete for rewards against other teams with the same skill levels, also known as tiers. After you make a team, you join a bracket with seven other teams and compete on the weekends. If you by any chance drop out of the bracket - you can try your luck the next day.

Despite its fair share of problems, many League players stated that it was the most fun experience they've had with the game in the last couple of years. Valorant fans are already starting to voice their opinion about this on the game's official subreddit as well as stating that at least "they would love to see something similar".

Riot Games Valoran in-game gameplay screen shot Can Valorant become a worldwide Esports?

This feature could only help the game since it would surely improve the overall quality and competitiveness of the players. It would also set a good foundation for professional play and given all the Esports success Riot have had with League of Legends, it's safe to assume that Valorant could well have a shot at competing with the biggest tactical shooters out there, such as CS:GO.

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