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Control dev on next-gen dev tools: Sony stuck to their guns; Microsoft think long-term

Published: 15:37, 19 March 2021
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Speaking to IGN, developer Thomas Puha from Remedy stated that Sony didn't change their dev tools much and stuck with "what worked" while Microsoft opted to change quite a lot of things, which is good in the long run.

It's still early to make any conclusions in the next-gen, (or current-gen, if you wish) race but judging by the benchmarks so far, it looks like PlayStation 5 has the edge with a more stable frame-rate while the Xbox Series X console offers a higher resolution in most cases.

Some state that the reason for Xbox Series X's performance lies in the dev kit, which has been sent to developers a bit later than Sony sent their PlayStation 5 dev kits but in reality, it looks like Microsoft decided to change a lot of things, while Sony stuck to their guns, offering a familiar development platform.

Speaking to IGN, developer Thomas Puha from Remedy, the studio that brought us Control, Alan Wake and other great titles, explains the main difference between the development tool of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

"Sony kinda stuck with what worked, and their's development software and tools were pretty good early on and this is something that people really don't see, all of this impacts the performance that the consumer gets," Puha explained. "Microsoft opted to change quite a lot of things which in the long run is probably good but it's just a bigger hurdle for us devs early on. We have to rewrite a bunch of things to really take advantage of specific features but that's just software development."

Furthermore, Puha explains how this impacts the difference in performance between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and why the dev tools are more important than raw power. 

"There are these discussions about teraflops and this and that but it's just numbers, ultimately the tools and everything matter so much more and how all of that is brought together. It matters so much more than purely the [teraflop] numbers."

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We've heard similar comments from other devs too, who suggested that at the moment, PlayStation 5 is just easier to work with but we may start to see a bigger difference between the two consoles later on, once Microsoft and the devs get the tools right.

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