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Control and Alan Wake developers are working on multiple unannounced games

Published: 12:15, 06 March 2021
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Alan Wake

Remedy Entertainment now have four internal teams, working on several major projects. Some of these are yet to be announced including two multiplatform games published by Epic Games.

Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind story-driven and visually stunning action games like Control, Quantum Break but also a memorable horror title Alan Wake are currently working on several new projects and some of these are still under the veil of mystery. 

The developer state that they now have four internal teams that are working on their own projects. The team behind the immersive action game Control are currently working on porting the game to new platforms but also working on the next major game.

Furthermore, Epic Games Publishing team have two multiplatform projects in development and these will be published by Epic Games, as expected. One of the games is an AAA title while the other one will be smaller in scope. Both games are connected in a single universe, started in Control.

The team behind Xbox exclusive Crossfire X are continuing to working on the game. Currently, they are focusing on a story campaign for this shooter. 

505 Games picture showing man flying Control

You can check out the full interview with Remedy CEO Tero Virala, where he talks about the upcoming projects, on

Virala also mentioned the importance of subscription services like Xbox Game Pass, stating that no one talked about a similar system just a couple of days ago but now, many big players are trying to establish themselves in this field. 

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