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Call of Duty: WWII The Resistance DLC gets a release date for PC and Xbox One

Published: 14:33, 26 January 2018
Updated: 08:28, 23 February 2018
Call of Duty: WWII - The Resistance DLC logo
Call of Duty: WWII - The Resistance DLC

Activision released a new trailer for Call of Duty: WWII's first DLC. The Resistance will feature three new maps, one new Operation and a continuation of the Nazi Zombies story line. PC and Xbox One players will get the DLC in March.

UPDATE: The Resistance is now available for PlayStation 4 players, and it's coming to Xbox One and PC on 01 March 2018. 

The Resistance DLC adds three new multiplayer maps and a new War Mode multiplayer mission. Players will see historic locations, and take part in battles centered around important uprisings that took place during the Second World War. The DLC will also bring a continuation of the Nazi Zombies saga.

ORIGINAL: We've talked about Call of Duty: WWII's upcoming DLC , but it has a new trailer so you're getting a new article. It's just business. The trailer shows the new multiplayer maps and the continuation of the Nazi Zombies story.

We finally have some more info about the new maps. Anthropoid is set in Prague and was inspired by a famous assassination attempt on a high-ranking German officer known as Operation Anthropoid. See what they did there? Cunning. The map has a center lane divided by a river. This layout offers some opportunities for snipers and those who like ranged attacks.

Activision Aerial view of a war zone in Prague  Call of Duty: WWII - The Resistance DLC - The Anthropoid map

Valkyrie is the map set in East Prussia. Activision drew inspiration from The Wolf’s Lair which was the headquarters for Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa. It's a medium sized map with a not-so-friendly center lane. 

Occupation takes place in Paris. This one has long side streets, for a change. Call of Duty: WWII's new war mode is titled Operation Intercept. The new mode will have you saving Resistance fighters who are being transported by train. "Players on the Allied side will need to free the fighters and stop the train to succeed" says the description.

The Darkest Shore is the the next chapter of the Nazi Zombies story. The chapter picks up days after the disaster of Mittelburg and sees the heroes receive intel of Doktor Straub’s island location. The island is covered in fog and surrounded by Nazi air and sea power. The zombies are just the rotting cherry on top.

Activision Anti tank fence on fire with airplanes flying overhead Call of Duty: WWII - The Resistance DLC - The Darkest Shore

The Resistance will be available to PlayStation 4 owners on 30 January, and everyone else will have to wait the usual timespan necessary to inconvenience fans while messing with the competition.

Call of Duty: WWII The Resistance DLC

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Call of Duty: WWII - The Resistance DLC
Call of Duty: WWII The Resistance DLC

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