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Civilization VII may be in development according to Firaxis job listing

Published: 20:14, 17 August 2021
Civilization VI may be getting a sequel soon
Civilization VI may be getting a sequel soon

Firaxis may be looking for some talented people to help develop the next entry in the Civilization franchise.

Civilization VI may be getting an older sibling according to a job listing posted on Firaxis Games' website. The team is looking for a "Narrative Lead" to join the studio in developing their next AAA Strategy Title, and an Environment Artist to take the team responsible for Civilization VI to the next level.

We already know that 2K is working on Codename CODA which is an XCOM game with Marvel heroes, according to a source. The folks at Firaxis have been hard at work this past five years, making Civilization VI the best version of itself, and it may be time to move on and shift the focus on an entirely new game in the same universe.

While the job listing doesn't give many clues as to which title the new Narrative Lead would be working on, it mentions that Firaxis is looking for someone with "knowledge and passion for history" - a line that has made the fans of Civilization VI giddy with excitement. 

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - all the new leaders

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

Another job listing by Firaxis and the only one in a sea of them to actually feature "Civilization VI" in the text is one for an Environment Artist. According to the listing, the person who ends up filling this position will get to create beautiful and believable worlds. Much like the worlds of Civilization VI that we know and love?

This is all highly speculative stuff and we expect, nay, hope that the powers that be will grant us an official announcement in the coming months.

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